Precision/ Automatic cutting
High precision cutting is essential for the fabrication of xtrees frames.

  • Plates
    High Precision Water Jet Cutter
    Plasma Cutter
    Flame Cutter

  • Beam
    Automatic Beam Cutting Machine

  • Pipes
    Pipe Profiler

Heavy Plate Rolling and Breaking

  • Plate Rolls
  • Break press


  • Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Vertical Boring Machine
  • Various Lethe/ drilling machines
  • Precision Dimensional Control arms


  • Structural ( SAW, FCAW, SMAW)
  • Large Bore Piping (SMAW, FCAW, TIG (GMAW)) for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel and Duplex.
  • Small Bore Tubing (TIG (GMAW) and Orbital welding)

Construction Engineering

  • CAD programs
  • Drafting (AUTOCAD)
  • PV
  • Piping Prefab
  • Solid Warfs